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Please go through about VAS Funds.

VAS Funds consists of professional traders and cozy corner in the modern business world, where professionals squeeze out all the juices from cryptocurrency and offer to earn their clients.

VAS Funds is the company of the future. We introduce and master all modern technologies of earnings.

Our philosophy is to benefit from investment projects. VAS Funds is one of many projects from an experienced team. We are developing our own ICO and are participating in a number of startups. Employees of our investment platform of the future sell cryptocurrencies not only at Forex, but also at BL Blockchainchain, Crowdfunding and other platforms. Our clients are confident that we set only maximum goals and are confidently moving towards their achievement. VAS Funds is a startup with a future, so we decided to develop our own wallet. This will preserve the stability of the system, security and independence. Thanks to our own development, we will not depend on Bitcoin and its course. We will eliminate delays, and the network fee will be adequate. For Cryptocoin our project is characterized by the following key points:

VAS Funds Strengths

Find out our strengths which make our company so unique.


VAS Funds has been uniquely designed to give you a user-friendly & intelligible interface so that you can make the most of our investment platform without any hassle.


Our investment website is within a dedicated & DDOS protected server to make sure it loads fast , we always stay online & your data is safe with us. It is the most secure platform.


Our investment plans are designed to generate maximum profits with minimum investment.You will earn 150% profit in 100 days.

Live Support

We provide 24x7 monitoring and client support services to all of our esteemed investors. You may contact us anytime directly at support@VASFunds.com & we will reply you asap.

Know more about us

Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom
but unable to do so because they're not financial experts or lack time or both.

VAS Funds is an investment company specializing in financial currency exchange, stock markets & cryptocurrency markets.

Our team consists of highly qualified analysts including forex traders, stock market brokers and analytical experts who by using their experience and latest software, are able to predict the movements in currency exchange & stock markets with high accuracy. As a result we maximize our profits so that our clients can invest in our company to gain the most out of the financial & stock markets.

VAS Funds strives to be worthy of our customer’s trust by providing them with services which are economically and financially beneficial to them and to create awareness regarding reliable and highly profitable investment among our clients around the globe.

Through computing innovation, our company pushes the boundaries of smart, productive & connected technology to make amazing investment experiences possible for all. From powering the latest devices & unique trading methods in financial & cryptocurrency markets, VAS Funds strives to create value for our stockholders, customers, employees & society as a whole.

We at VAS Funds strive for the goal to provide the most economically efficient products to our consumers without compensating for quality.

Over time our company has grown by leaps & bounds to position itself into one of the most promising newcomers in the investment industry. With our continued efforts & focus VAS Funds will grow into one of the leaders of the high end investment goods market in near future. VAS Funds is a recognized, well-established and financially sound company. Our company sells high-quality, widely accepted products and online services. So we welcome you to invest in us & ride the wave of success & prosperity. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!